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Rachelle Adams

Elevate Education Consulting
Founder and CEO
Silver Spring, MD
Rachelle attended Indiana University and American University for undergraduate studies, graduating from American University with a dual degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. She has worked in the Environmental Justice, Reproductive Equity, and Racial Justice movements since high school. It is her passion for language and culture led her to the classroom, where she loves opening up the minds and hearts of students, whether to the Spanish-speaking world and all it has to offer, or to the marvels of human development and identity. She loves teaching youth and adults alike, which she recognizes is necessary to build the capacity of future world citizens, opening doors to the kinds of cross-cultural dialogues our global community requires.
Rachelle is a grounded and inspiring teacher, a gifted educator with expertise in language acquisition, human development, international student travel and diversity education. She is also a seasoned service learning and design thinking practitioner. Rachelle believes that adolescents and children are humans in their own right with experiences and perspectives that should be respected and honored and can provide adults with new inspiration and facilitate growth in others. She also believes that adults share the same capacity as youth to learn, grow and be inspired based on the science of growth-mindset.
Rachelle has spent the last 15 years providing Spanish language instruction for students in Washington, DC and Maryland. She has taught pre-K through grade 12, taking students where they are with their language acquisition, and then helping them build higher level language proficiency skills. Her commitment to comprehensible input as a methodology, ensures that each of her students is able to build deep language acquisition faster, and have fun in the process.
Rachelle is committed to the development of culturally responsive and diversity responsive students, classrooms, organizations and communities. She has engaged in this work through curriculum development, attending and leading diversity and anti-bias professional development, supporting and teaching middle and high school student diversity committee members, engaging in school wide diversity assessment and strategic planning, and coordinating and presenting at regional diversity conferences for over 15 years.
For the past 10 years, Rachelle has traveled widely with groups of students ages 13 - 18 creating and executing international and national student travel experiences. Each program works to empower youth, provide diversity responsive education and build cross cultural dialogue skills. International programs include Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panamá, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, and Paraguay. Additionally, Rachelle has traveled to most of the continental United States, Canada and Mexico on her own.

My Presenters Sessions

Thursday, July 28

3:15pm PDT